American Red Cross Offsite Link

The best way to make your family, home and business is to be prepared before disaster strikes.  This site had information on family disaster planning, children and disasters, animal safety, financial preparations, emergency preparedness kits, business and industry guides, and more.
Coping with disaster Offsite Link

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, we may need a little help coping time to time.  The National Mental Health Association has developed the “coping with disaster” fact sheet series to help you and your loved ones cope during crisis and loss.
Center for Disease Control (CDC) Offsite Link

The CDC has information on bioterrorism and chemical agents, natural disasters and more.
Federal Emergency Management Agency “Are you ready” Offsite Link

A guide to citizen preparedness brings together facts on disaster survival techniques, disaster specific information, and how to prepare for and respond to natural and man made disasters.  This guide to personal emergency preparedness will help individuals prepare themselves and families for disasters.
Ready.Gov Offsite Link

This is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s site about terrorism and how to prepare for it.  It provides information on assembling a supply kit, developing a family communications plan and more.
California Emergency Management Agency (Cal- EMA) Offsite Link

Cal EMA is responsible for the coordination of overall state agency response to major disasters in support of local government.  The agency is responsible for assuring the state’s readiness to respond to and recover from all hazards- natural, manmade, war caused and disasters- and for assisting local government in their emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and hazard mitigation efforts.
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Calaveras County Sheriff's Office
1045 Jeff Tuttle Drive
San Andreas, CA 95249
Crimes in Progress: 911
Business Administration:
(209) 754-6500
Anonymous Tip Line:
(209) 754-6030
Jail: (209) 754-6499
Civil Division: (209) 754-6479
Records: (209) 754-6694
Evidence: (209) 754-6693
Fax: (209) 754-6581
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DIAL 911
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OES Office: (209) 754-2890